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Starting at $1,099.95


Pentagon's #1
Selling Vault In 2002!

Don't underestimate our super wide Stealth Gun Safe. He's 60"x 38"x 28" and can hold up to forty long weapons. Most customers like putting twenty long guns in this bad boy with five adjustable side shelves. Possessing a 1/8" steel body (*1/4" steel body option) and 1" door, this fighter weighs in at about 800 lbs. He will protect your valuables valiantly and he's never off duty.

The Body

  • Bent uni-body construction
  • Holes for bolt down
  • 1/8" steel body (*1/4" steel body option)
  • " steel reinforced frame

Standard Features
  • Commercial Safe-type Door
  • 32" Door - 100% accessibility
  • Massive 1" double steel composite door.
  • 8 - 1" thick locking bolts.
  • U.L. rated Sargent and Greenleaf lock and key (Life Time Warranty).
  • Cobra spring-loaded relocking device that locks up your safe during an attack.
  • Frontline hardplate that protects your lock from drilling and cutting attacks.
  • Removable doors - makes a heavy safe easy to move.
  • Double-steel " thick door frame. Thickest in industry!
  • Old West Black, Burgundy and Green semi-gloss finishes

Wide-open Interiors

The StealthGun Safe's 100% adjustable tracks allow your shelves and gun rack to be moved up, down and even completely taken out. We can put all shelves, 6-28 long guns with side shelves or a max-gun rack securing 38 long weapons.

"After seeing Pentagon's website, I went to a local gun show and looked at four other gun safes. And Pentagon is making the best safe by far. And it was about 40% cheaper than the safe dealers at the gun show. 
Brian Hopkins - Website Customer

Pentagon Fire System

  • UL- listed 5/8" fireliner and 2300 degree ceramic on all six walls.
  • Polusal expandable gasket which expands up to seven times its size.
  • COOL GAP between body and fire insulation for improved fire rating.
  • 1" Jig-Saw Double gasket door - expandable gasket and hot air seal.

Only $49.95


Stealth Ironman Series

Pentagon's Ironman series is the first gun safe built like a $10,000 bank vault. With double locks, three relockers and a multi-step double sealed fire door, our magnum opus is the only gun vault in America to incorporate the features of a TL-rated commercial safe and have the elegant appearance of a piece of art.

  • 1/4" thick steel body
  • Inferno Fire System
  • 1" Jig-saw Door
  • Digital Lock (D-Day Double Lock available)
  • Deluxe Automotive Paint
  • 24 K Gold Plating
  • 14 Bolt System
  • All Walls Carpeted
  • Armory Hardplate
  • Personal Initials
  • Lifetime Warranty

Stealth Gun Safes Pricing
S-1 1/8" body and 1/4" door $1,099.95
S-2 3-Layer Fire Insulation, single gasket $1,399.95
S-3 Four-layer fire-proofing, 1" Jig-Saw Door, double gasket $1,599.95
S-Ironman Series 1/4" thick steel body, 14 bolt system, 24 karat Gold Plating, Deluxe Auto Paint, Five Prong Spindle Wheel and D-Day Locking System $2,299.95

*1/4" steel body option. Add for just $199.00 (standard on Ironman Series)



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